Valentine's Day Products

So we just launched our Valentine's Day Product line. Surprise!

Love is something universal in every language and in every culture, so we thought it would be cute to bring some of our favourite places to life in these limited edition, themed Bloom Boxes (and a brand new selfie vase arrangement) that you can share with your loved ones this Valentine's Day. We're going international, y'all.

Australia - I Love Ya, Mate - This box is designed to capture the heat and heartiness of your relationship with lush, long-lasting succulents. I Love You, Mate is available in gold and silver boxes, so if you've got two "special someones," you can...umm...make your preferences crystal clear?

Paris - J'adore - If you were ever in the market for textbook romance, the J'adore Bloom Box is exactly what you're looking for. It captures everything we love the most about Paris: sophistication, beauty, softness, and fragrance. Think of this being Coco Chanel flower-fied. Hell, buy your girl a sleek and sexy perfume and a bloom box. Go crazy. This box is available in both black and white in either round or square shapes.

We've also teamed up with The Art of Cake who are providing 6 delicious strawberry-raspberry macarons with every square J'adore Bloom Box purchase. If gorgeous flowers and tasty treats are not a sure way into your special someone's heart, then you need to just tap out because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.


Hawaii - I Wanna Get Lei'd - Don't give us that look. As if it wasn't the first thing you thought of when you saw a Hawaiian Bloom Box. We decided a Bloom Box filled with tropical florals would be the best way to encapsulate that exotic and romantic allure of Hawaii, and, honestly, you just cannot go wrong with orchids like these. Think of it as a cost-effective and interesting way to bring a vacation to your doorstep.

We're also changing our typical card messages into little scrolls in bottles for this box just because it's different (and freaking adorable). I Wanna Get Lei'd is only available in our round teal box because oceans, duh.

Canadiana - I Love You, Eh - It's always nice to return home where things are familiar, especially when the world outside gets a little crazy. So we're keeping things traditional and familiar with red roses en masse in a white round box. If you have no clue what to do or get for your lover because choices make you panicky, go with this guy. He's simple and classic (a.k.a really hard to screw up). It's also Canada's 150th birthday this year (which you should definitely mark on your calendar), so this box is a great way to celebrate your love for your country as well as your love for your significant other. I Love You, Eh only comes in our white round box, and if we have to explain why, are you even Canadian?

Roseanne - If you remember Carol from Christmas, you're definitely gonna want to get to know her squirrelly second cousin, Roseanne. She's fun, sophisticated, and she's always gonna tell you what's on her mind. She's perfect to send to anyone special in your life: your wife, your girlfriend, your best friend, your mom, your dog, Cheryl from the DMV, whomever!


You're My Person Mug - Sometimes simplicity makes the right statement. Something as simple as letting someone know that they're the person you depend on forever and always is all you need this Valentine's Day. For all you Christinas out there who need to let your Meredith know exactly how you feel, this succulent and adorable mug are just the ticket.

And that's it, babes! We're so excited to pump out these products to your heart's content. If you still need some pointers on how to handle yourself on V-Day, scroll down to our previous blog post for all the fun tips and tricks.


Team Fab