floral Orders

Can I Change / Cancel My Order?

  • Quick change of plans for an arrangement or just decided you’re no longer in it for a year’s worth of buds and blooms? Not to fret, we understand how crazy life can get! Email our team at info@fabloomosity.com and we’ll do our best to process your request. Special orders and wedding/event deposits are non-refundable. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

Can I Add Delivery to My Order / Switch to Local Pick-Up?

  • Forgot to add delivery for your order before you hit the Check Out button? Or just want to pick it up at our shop now? No stress! Write to us at info@fabloomosity.com or call us at 587-520-0630 and we can make that happen. We’ll let you know what the delivery charge will be for you area / credit for in-store purchases as necessary.

Do You Offer Same Day Delivery?

  • We sure do! Same day delivery is only guaranteed for orders placed before 11AM - we will do our best to get them our with our afternoon deliveries! However, the nature of a custom-we-build-everything-with-our-own-two-hands-and-magic-wands shop is that sometimes we’re off-site building creations - in that case, we would make sure your order goes out with our morning deliveries the following day.

    **Specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

    ***We are required to contact recipient prior to delivery.

What Happens If I’m Not Home When My Delivery Arrives?

  • Our team will call you the morning your delivery is set to arrive! If your plans change and you happen to not be home - and if the weather permits -Our delivery service will leave it on your front step for you. If it’s too cold, your flowers will come back to us and we will try again the following day. If you’re on vacation or away for longer than anticipated, you can choose to have them delivered to a family member / friend for them to enjoy your beautiful blooms in your absence or postpone the delivery for a later date!

What If I Am Unhappy With My Order?

  • We take pride in the creations that leave our store and will always stand by our product. However, given that we work so closely with Mother Nature (and she can be unpredictable), a third-party delivery service, and Edmonton’s lovely weather there are occasions in which florals will fade before their time. If the flowers you receive are not satisfactory, please send a photo to info@fabloomosity.com within 24 hours and we will take care of you!

  • Floral longevity varies depending on variety and care upon arrival. We guarantee our flowers for 4-6 days from arrival. If your blooms fade before this window, please reach out to us at info@fabloomosity.com or 587-520-0630 and we will see what might have gone wrong and make sure you are taken care of.



Chlorafix Subscription

How Do Chlorafix Subscriptions Work?

  • To sign up for our Chlorafix plant subscription, choose from either 3 / 6 / 12 month subscription in our Chlorafix shop page. Each month, you’ll receive a surprise plant variety (especially prescribed by FaBLOOMosity’s resident Plant Doctor) - complete with a curated pot and collection of 3-4 accessories for design, drainage, and general plant health (soil, rocks, moss, etc.) Your plant Rx will walk you through every step of the repotting process and provide you with EASY to follow care instructions.

How Much Do Chlorafix Subscriptions Cost?

  • Each month you will be charged $65 + applicable delivery charges for your set address. These charges will re-occur for the set amount of months you have chosen (either 3, 6, or 12).

When Will I Receive My Order?

  • Prescriptions will be fulfilled within the first two weeks of each month - with delivery/pick up times to be coordinated every month. Subscriptions will be billed automatically each month for the duration of your prescription. Delivery is $15 within the city limits and pick up is always free!

What Happens If i’m Going To Be Away the Week of My Delivery?

  • If you know you’re going to be away the week your Chlorafix is set to arrive, just give us a heads by writing to us info@fabloomosity.com or calling us at 587-520-0630 and we will set your plants to arrive the following week, or with your next month’s order if that is more convenient.

How Will I Know How To Care for My New Plant Baby?

  • In each Chlorafix shipment, you will receive a prescription card from our resident Plant Doctor that has all the proper care instructions for your new leafy baby. From water, to sunlight and fertilizer requirements - the Doctor will outline all the details you need for proper health! Each item in your shipment will be labelled with numbered steps with proper potting / re-potting instructions.

What If I Am Unhappy With My Order?

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on our subscription products. However, if your plant or planter arrives damaged, please email us a photo at info@fabloomosity.com within 48 hours of receiving your box and we will schedule a replacement to be shipped out to you promptly!

How Does Gifting a Subscription Work?

  • Gift a subscription by clicking 'This Is a Gift!’ below the write-up on the monthly subscription's product page. Then, at shipping details page - please ensure that all the recipient's information is correct before hitting “Check Out.” Following your order, we will get in touch with your recipient to confirm delivery times and address.

  • A gift subscription will be automatically charged each month, and our team will coordinate the rest of the details with your lucky recipient for delivery or pick up each month!



Plant care

All plants are unique in care requirements and we are always here to provide specific advice - pop into the shop or give us a call for your personalize plant pep-talk! In the meantime, here is some general information and common questions that to guide you through your plant journey:

  • Our favourite rule of thumb: IGNORE THEM (aside from ferns and certain tropicals), most plants will do far better with under watering than over watering. Drought is better than root rot! (Especially for Succulents!)

  • Watering is always best done on a regular schedule (set reminders on your phone!). Available sunlight will effect the length of time in between waterings and once you and your new plant get into a groove you can follow this blindly!

    • For your succulents, cacti, and most tropical varieties: During the get-to-know-you process, ensure that the soil is DRY before you water it again. If there is still moisture in the soil - wait until it is gone and adjust your schedule accordingly!

    • Ferns and some tropicals (delicate leafed varieties typically fall within this category): Keep the soil generally moist, without allowing the plants to sit in water. Allow soil to get just dry and water thoroughly before drought sets in!

  • Sunlight! Plants will have specific light requirements indicated on their tags and will all vary depending on variety. There are a few rules of thumb that can help as a starting point:

    • Succulents LOVE sunlight - the more light, the better. If your space is not as sunny as you would like, simply adjust your watering schedule to accommodate. The less sunlight available, the longer you should go in between waterings.

    • Most tropicals will prefer more moderate/partial sunlight (to mimic a shady rainforest in nature). As with succulents, adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Too much sunlight will result in brown/dry “burn spots” on broad leaf varieties and shrivelled leaves on finer leaf varieties.

    • Ferns and those daintier tropicals are more



Wedding / Event / Styling Inquiries

  • Are you newly engaged + starting to plan your wedding? First of all, congratulations! We’re honoured you considered Team Fab to be a part of your special day. As we are a custom floral atelier and cater our creations to suit your style, vision, and budget - we bring in all inquiring brides for a consult! Florals are usually the finishing touch on your day, so it’s best that you have all other details confirmed before you come in, such as location, dress, colours, decor, etc. To book your consult today fill out our wedding questionnaire and let’s get this party started!

  • Planning your company’s next corporate event? We’ve got you covered! There’s no event too big or too small for our team - if you can dream it… we can create it!! Fill out our corporate questionnaire to get in touch with our team today!

  • Interested in having our FaBLOOMosity style your next photoshoot or event? We can’t wait to hear what you have in mind! Gather up all your inspiration and event details and contact us at info@fabloomosity.com to get started today.


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