CSE Readers' Choice Awards 2017: Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is.

Hey Fab fans, we have some exciting news! You may have noticed the little gold badge on our homepage, and what it boils down to is that we've been nominated for a Canadian Special Events Readers' Choice Award in the "Favourite Florist or Floral Designer" category. We would just like to express that it's an honour just to be nominated — said every Oscar nominee ever — especially alongside so many of Canada's best events industry professionals.

We're gonna level with you. We know that no one likes taking time out of their hectic schedules to take online surveys, or vote for things, or whatever, but we would really appreciate it if you could spend five teeny weeny minutes on us. Just click on the badge, scroll down until you see our name, select us (unless you hate us 'cause you ain't us — in which case, vote for us anyway), and get back to PTA meetings and carpooling screaming kids to soccer practice.

Voting runs until Tuesday, March 21, and you can vote once per day.


Team Fab