Mother's Day: #TreatYo'Mama2017

Mother's Day: #TreatYo'Mama2017

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we thought we'd give you a quick and easy guide on how to make your Mama;s day spectacular.

Survival Guide: Putting the V & the D Back into Valentine's Day

Survival Guide: Putting the V & the D Back into Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! As one of the busiest days of the year for any flower shop, we thought we'd plan ahead and give you a survival guide on how to make it through V-Day unscathed.

Top 10 Wedding Flowers of 2016

Edmonton Wedding Florists

Living in Alberta, we're basically in a desert when it comes to flowers, compared to places like BC, California and Ecuador that have fantastic climates for tons of varieties to thrive. Because of this, so much has to be shipped in to us rather than being locally grown.  This also means that the growing season for those florals is quite different than that of the ones that can be grown locally.  This list is meant to not only give you the top flowers, but also their meanings and best availability.

1. Peonies

Ranging from whites to blushes and into the deeper pinks, reds and corals, peonies are a symbol of compassion, bashfulness and a happy marriage.  Peonies are available from May until Mid-July.  


2. Ranunculus

This gorgeous flower comes in almost any colour you can think of.  Synonymous with "radiant charm", ranunculus is available all year, but is at it's best and most beautiful from March to May.


3. Garden Roses

Most commonly we think of David Austen Gardens and their beautiful varieties.  Symbolisms are based on colour as with regular roses, from love to friendship, hope, and opulence.  These luxurious flowers are available year round, but do require a lot of advanced notice in order to guarantee arrival.


4. Café au Lait Dahlia

Probably the most desired dinner-plate dahlia of all time.  These huge blooms are a gorgeous mix of blushes, peaches, ivories and champagnes all within the same petals. Dahlias are a wild card when it comes to symbolism.  For the most part they are seen as indicating commitment, creativity and elegance, but there really isn't any one true meaning.  Café au Laits have a very short season compared to many flowers, and are really only available in August and September, barring an exceptional growing season.


5. Hydrangea

Literally translated, "water-barrel", hydrangea symbolize heartfelt emotion and gratitude, are ever popular and will never go out of style.  These lush huge blooms are available in a multitude of colours that are almost all available throughout the year (there are a few varieties that are more seasonal to spring or winter).  


6. Anemone

These unique, papery blossoms are most popular in white with a navy/black centre, but can be found with green centres and in a bunch of shades of pinks, reds and blues.  Anemone are representative of anticipation, waiting for the delicate petals to unfurl and reveal with unique centres.  They are available throughout the year, but are extremely difficult to get without tons of advanced notice and ordering minimum stem quantities.  


7. Phalaenopsis Orchids 

Also known as "Moth" Orchids because of their large flat bloom surface and natural shimmer, phalaenopsis symbolize love, beauty and refinement.  They are available year round in plant form or by the stem, but are the biggest and most beautiful from May-August.


8. Sweet Peas

These delicate flowers get their name from their enticing fragrance and beautiful flowers.  Sweet Peas represent bliss and delicate pleasure and are available from February-May.


9. Dahlia

Dahlia have a huge petal count and have a soft, yet structured look to the petals that makes them popular for both classic and modern brides.  Ranging from pastels to deep rich tones, dahlias most symbolize inner grace and creativity.  Available from August-October, these are a fantastic option for any autumn bride.


10. Succulents

Not only on trend, these hearty plants are fantastic for hot summer days and provide great texture and structure to any bouquet or arrangement. Available year long and in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, succulents provide a sense of growth and renewal.



Team FAB


3 Things To Know Before your Floral Consultation


So you’re engaged! YAY you!!! You’re so excited to start planning, and we are so excited to meet you and make your every floral dream a reality. Before you book a consultation with us though, there are some things we need to know! Here are the main details you should have nailed down before we meet with you and work our flower magic.


  1. Your Dress (!!!)
    Other than the bride herself, nothing trumps the wedding dress in the bridal hierarchy. We definitely don’t want to interfere with the unique, gorgeous details of your dress – in fact, we’d like to echo these details by incorporating them into your bouquet. The same goes for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

  2. Venues for Ceremony and Reception
    We always strive to be different and to customize your wedding florals to you. We have set up wedding ceremonies and receptions all over the city and are familiar with what has already been done in these spaces. We have also experienced their rules, the way their rooms are set up, and what kind of atmosphere they evoke.

  3. Reception Décor
    Elements like linens, chairs, and uplighting will really affect the direction we go when designing your centerpieces and other reception décor. The more of these details you have confirmed, the easier it is for us to ensure your florals contribute to a cohesive, unbelievable look that everyone will remember forever.

These three elements are the only ones that need to be set in stone before we talk flowers with you. If you’re not sure about what florals you want or what’s even available, we promise we will dream up an option that will get you excited. Bring us any and all inspiration photos you have – even if it’s something you saw and detested, it will give us an idea of what makes you you and what your vision is for the most important day of your life. Think of it this way: the sooner you finalize these major details, the sooner we can talk to you about the fun, pretty ones! We can’t wait to hear from you!


Team Fab


Photo Credit: Justine Milton