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The wait is over, henny. Cocoa is finally here joining the ever-growing Fab Family. She's best friends with Roseanne and Chlora (which has always made for an interesting dynamic), and she never fails to add spunk to your life. She's got the lashes; she's got the lipstick, and the gorgeous hair, and she has the skills to add flair to any occasion. 

Please don't shoot the florist, but for those of you ordering regular items for Valentine's Day, we have to charge more because of the spike in prices from the farms and the wholesalers. Select your delivery date range (either before or after February 9) in the drop-down menu provided. We don't like it either. 

Flower varieties are subject to change due to season and availability.

Small Cocoa Dimensions: 7" tall x 4" diameter with floral

Tall Cocoa Dimensions: 11" tall x 5" diameter with floral


*Same-day delivery is only guaranteed for orders placed before 11 AM.

**Specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

***We are required to contact recipient prior to delivery.

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