JACEK Spring 2017 Collection


JACEK Spring 2017 Collection

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BLOOM Floral Bar by FaBLOOMosity is offering JACEK Chocolate Couture seasonal collections with your floral delivery!

Each piece is hand-crafted using fresh ingredients and fine French chocolate that is ethically sourced. Chocolates are made using fresh ingredients; enjoy within ten days.

Spring Collection Flavours:

- Mandarin Mint Moon: Creamy ganache infused with mandarin & mint, enrobed in dark chocolate.

- Astronaut Dessert: Neopolitan ganache with freeze dried strawberries.

- Black Hole Caramel: Dark chocolate shell with delicate licorice root and anise infused oozy caramel.

- Meteorite: Craft Costa Rican chocolate truffle with crunchy caramel fragments.

- Milky Way: Irish Cream laced through milk chocolate.

- Earth: Cardamom & ginger in milk chocolate.


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