Mother's Day: #TreatYo'Mama2017

There are three things you need for Mother's Day:

  1. Brunch. One that Mom hasn't had to prepare anything for except the belt line she wants to bust out of after.
  2. Your Mama's bad self.
  3. Flowers. ALL OF THEM.

Numbers 1 and 2 are easy enough. Flowers are where things can get a little more complicated — but this is why you have us. Our jobs are to make sure your mama gets the best stuff on her special day, and we make you look like a thoughtful superstar offspring. Put your siblings to shame by getting your mom something a little more personalized than a gift card from Reitman's.

We've rolled out some great new products especially for Mother's Day. We have, of course, some themed bloom boxes that are always a Mom must-have, but we've also included some new planter-style arrangements that your Mom can nurture and grow. Odds are you're pretty well grown-up by this point, so why not give her something else to care for while you're out living it up on your own? Once again, you'll notice a jump in prices (just like Valentine's Day), but as we've said before, we're at the mercy of the farms and the wholesalers.


Baby Mama Bloom Box - Don't let the name confuse you, this box is not specifically for your baby mama — but don't let that stop you from ordering it for her if that's what you want. Live your truth, baby. This is our Mother's Day Itty Bitty Bloom Box, that same pint-sized, adorable little dude we all know and love, but brimming with the peonies your mama can't resist. Pick your peony colour, and let us handle the rest.

Big Mama Bloom Box - Big Mama is back in town and she's teeming with en masse peonies that are sure to melt your Mama's big ole heart. Pick your peony colour and let us handle the rest. You know the drill.


Mother's Day Designer's Choice Bloom Box - We get it, picking something perfect for Mom is stressful. You don't wanna just get her the same tired bouquet she gets every year, but you need to find something that evokes who she is as the most special woman in your life. Easy. Give us a vibe, tell us a little bit about her, include her favourite colours if you know them, and our designer's will put together the perfect bloom box featuring beautiful peonies and gardeny enchantment.


Thirsty Girls Hydrangea Planter - Here's a classic for Mom that's sure to please. Hydrangeas are one of the ficklest of flowers because they're such thirsty girls. So, to keep these water-suckers thriving, we've planted them in sleek cement vessels that, with some love and lots of water, will keep them blooming longer than ever. Just remember that their thirst is real. We recommend watering every 1-2 days in the centre of the pot to make sure the soil stays nice and moist.




Phyllis 2.0 Planter - Remember Phyllis from Valentine's Day? Well she's experienced a seasonal glow up, and she's tripled in size and elegance. These three phalaenopsis orchids are planted with care into a chic cement planter that's sure to standout as a centrepiece in any room. With proper care and attention, these beauties will last for months. With Mother's Day coming up, get into your mom's good books by using Phyllis 2.0. If you've got siblings to compete with, blow their gifts out of the water with this baby. (Or you can just give her this because you love her or whatever  your choice).



FullSizeRender (43).jpg

The Little Prick Planter - We don't know if you've looked outside lately, but, long story short, it's ugly. So, what better way to help your Mom escape the drab and dreary snow/sleet/rain thing we've got going on than with this desert oasis? It's got cacti of all shapes and sizes and pops of colour that'll make her feel like Elizabeth Taylor sailing down the Nile, and, hell if you take her out for a quick jaunt outside you might both actually sail down the freaking Nile. So don't be a prick, buy one of these for your mom!


Sarah Bernhardt - Did you know that Roseanne has a fabulous, (slightly) estranged stage actress for an aunt? Don't feel bad, we didn't know either until Ms. Bernhardt stepped off a plane straight out of Paris and landed on Roseanne's doorstep. She's got a full head of peonies with your choice of colour that are sure to add some whimsy and charisma to your Mom's day.

As always, pre-ordering is the most important thing. We get A LOT of orders for Mother's Day, and, often, well in advance. So make sure you get your hands on all our new stuff before we run out! We're still two weeks away, so we still have some time left to order in more boxes, flowers, cacti, and all your other Mother's Day floral needs.


Team Fab




CSE Readers' Choice Awards 2017: Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is.

Hey Fab fans, we have some exciting news! You may have noticed the little gold badge on our homepage, and what it boils down to is that we've been nominated for a Canadian Special Events Readers' Choice Award in the "Favourite Florist or Floral Designer" category. We would just like to express that it's an honour just to be nominated — said every Oscar nominee ever — especially alongside so many of Canada's best events industry professionals.

We're gonna level with you. We know that no one likes taking time out of their hectic schedules to take online surveys, or vote for things, or whatever, but we would really appreciate it if you could spend five teeny weeny minutes on us. Just click on the badge, scroll down until you see our name, select us (unless you hate us 'cause you ain't us — in which case, vote for us anyway), and get back to PTA meetings and carpooling screaming kids to soccer practice.

Voting runs until Tuesday, March 21, and you can vote once per day.


Team Fab

Valentine's Day Products

So we just launched our Valentine's Day Product line. Surprise!

Love is something universal in every language and in every culture, so we thought it would be cute to bring some of our favourite places to life in these limited edition, themed Bloom Boxes (and a brand new selfie vase arrangement) that you can share with your loved ones this Valentine's Day. We're going international, y'all.

Australia - I Love Ya, Mate - This box is designed to capture the heat and heartiness of your relationship with lush, long-lasting succulents. I Love You, Mate is available in gold and silver boxes, so if you've got two "special someones," you can...umm...make your preferences crystal clear?

Paris - J'adore - If you were ever in the market for textbook romance, the J'adore Bloom Box is exactly what you're looking for. It captures everything we love the most about Paris: sophistication, beauty, softness, and fragrance. Think of this being Coco Chanel flower-fied. Hell, buy your girl a sleek and sexy perfume and a bloom box. Go crazy. This box is available in both black and white in either round or square shapes.

We've also teamed up with The Art of Cake who are providing 6 delicious strawberry-raspberry macarons with every square J'adore Bloom Box purchase. If gorgeous flowers and tasty treats are not a sure way into your special someone's heart, then you need to just tap out because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.


Hawaii - I Wanna Get Lei'd - Don't give us that look. As if it wasn't the first thing you thought of when you saw a Hawaiian Bloom Box. We decided a Bloom Box filled with tropical florals would be the best way to encapsulate that exotic and romantic allure of Hawaii, and, honestly, you just cannot go wrong with orchids like these. Think of it as a cost-effective and interesting way to bring a vacation to your doorstep.

We're also changing our typical card messages into little scrolls in bottles for this box just because it's different (and freaking adorable). I Wanna Get Lei'd is only available in our round teal box because oceans, duh.

Canadiana - I Love You, Eh - It's always nice to return home where things are familiar, especially when the world outside gets a little crazy. So we're keeping things traditional and familiar with red roses en masse in a white round box. If you have no clue what to do or get for your lover because choices make you panicky, go with this guy. He's simple and classic (a.k.a really hard to screw up). It's also Canada's 150th birthday this year (which you should definitely mark on your calendar), so this box is a great way to celebrate your love for your country as well as your love for your significant other. I Love You, Eh only comes in our white round box, and if we have to explain why, are you even Canadian?

Roseanne - If you remember Carol from Christmas, you're definitely gonna want to get to know her squirrelly second cousin, Roseanne. She's fun, sophisticated, and she's always gonna tell you what's on her mind. She's perfect to send to anyone special in your life: your wife, your girlfriend, your best friend, your mom, your dog, Cheryl from the DMV, whomever!


You're My Person Mug - Sometimes simplicity makes the right statement. Something as simple as letting someone know that they're the person you depend on forever and always is all you need this Valentine's Day. For all you Christinas out there who need to let your Meredith know exactly how you feel, this succulent and adorable mug are just the ticket.

And that's it, babes! We're so excited to pump out these products to your heart's content. If you still need some pointers on how to handle yourself on V-Day, scroll down to our previous blog post for all the fun tips and tricks.


Team Fab

Survival Guide: Putting the V & the D Back into Valentine's Day

It’s that rare time of year when we have a few minutes to catch our breaths after blazing through another amazing wedding season and barrelling into corporate events season with a smattering of holiday madness. We get to take stock of an amazing 2016 and look towards the future.

We’re coming up on the anniversary of our favourite addition to the Fab family of products: the Bloom Box. In the past year, we’ve seen it grow from a new and exciting concept for Alberta to a fan favourite for every occasion — it turns out you can box up any event or occasion and wrap it up nicely with a bow. We’ve even caught the attention of Rogers Place and now our fabulous FaBLOOMosity Bloom Boxes are in the hands of some of our favourite celebrities.

The next big event for us is the busiest day of the year for your friendly neighbourhood floral atelier — Floral Black Friday, if you will — a.k.a Valentine’s Day. The farms and growers go into overdrive, the delivery trucks put on some serious mileage, and our hands turn into permanently crumpled claws. But we love it, we swear. It’s always nice to see the store’s workspace and bar crowded with full buckets of beautiful blooms that we get to turn into perfect custom designs for you or your lover (or your lovers — 2017, am I right?). Swipe right on us, and we'll do anything you want. Anything.

One of our designer's choice boxes with freesia, café au lait dahlia, and juliet garden roses.

Designer's choice with mango callas, black baccara roses, antique hydrangea, silver brunnia, scabiosa pods, scabiosa blooms, and burgundy celosia.

So here’s your survival guide to help you navigate the exciting and sometimes-hectic holiday of love.

1. Be prepared for price changes. This is the part we hate the most. Flower prices sky rocket from the farms and wholesalers, so we all have to adjust accordingly because we are only mere mortals at the mercy of the free market. But you can’t really put a price on making your loved ones happy, right?

2. If you’re stuck on what to get your lover, don’t panic. We get hundreds of orders from people who are just as clueless when it comes to pleasing a lover with floral artistry. It’s okay. That’s what we’re here for. Give us an idea of their favourite colours or even just tell us a little bit about them and we can put together something that suits their personality (or personalities *wink*).

3. If you want to get your special someone something that lasts as long as your love for each other, consider getting them an infant or a student loan debt because flowers can’t last forever, baby. That being said, we have magical ways of keeping flowers alive longer than you’d thought possible. In cases like these, we’d definitely recommend one of our bloom boxes over a traditional arrangement or cut bouquet because with the stems cut as short as they are in a bloom box, the flowers don’t need to work as hard to stay hydrated. With proper care and watering, your bloom box can definitely outlast any floral arrangement you’ve ever had.

An all textural "apology" bloom box ordered by one of our clients for his girlfriend featuring bittersweet berries, orange celosia, green trick, seeded eucalyptus, and leucadendron. Photo taken from @amyanne_ on Instagram.

4. For those of you who want to stick to the traditional route because a box is scary, we've got some beautiful roses on the way, and we're not exaggerating when we say they're 6 feet long. Yes, sometimes size matters, okay?

5. If you've got a lover who's extra — and let's face it, we all know someone who does — don't be afraid to pair up your order with some of our add-ons: Jacek chocolates, Modern Gravity floats, or fancy Justine Ma cards that tell them you "love the shit out of them".

6. Finally: Pre-order. Pre-order. Pre-order. As we’ve said before, V-Day is the busiest day of the year; so the sooner we get your order, the better equipped and stocked we can be. So if you’ve got a specific flower in mind, some extra notice would be heaps of help for us to make sure we can get a hold of it — and if that’s impossible because of the season or something, it’ll give us ample time to find a suitable replacement for you.

And that’s all there is to know really. Keep your eyes and ears open for updates and new products we have rolling out in 2017 (like maybe a brand new line of decked out, restyled bloom boxes around Mother’s Day possibly *nudge nudge*). We’re super excited about this upcoming year, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you Fab Fanatics!



Team Fab

Life Would 'Suc' Without You teeming with succulents, reindeer moss, and polka dot plants.

Top 10 Wedding Flowers of 2016

Edmonton Wedding Florists

Living in Alberta, we're basically in a desert when it comes to flowers, compared to places like BC, California and Ecuador that have fantastic climates for tons of varieties to thrive. Because of this, so much has to be shipped in to us rather than being locally grown.  This also means that the growing season for those florals is quite different than that of the ones that can be grown locally.  This list is meant to not only give you the top flowers, but also their meanings and best availability.

1. Peonies

Ranging from whites to blushes and into the deeper pinks, reds and corals, peonies are a symbol of compassion, bashfulness and a happy marriage.  Peonies are available from May until Mid-July.  


2. Ranunculus

This gorgeous flower comes in almost any colour you can think of.  Synonymous with "radiant charm", ranunculus is available all year, but is at it's best and most beautiful from March to May.


3. Garden Roses

Most commonly we think of David Austen Gardens and their beautiful varieties.  Symbolisms are based on colour as with regular roses, from love to friendship, hope, and opulence.  These luxurious flowers are available year round, but do require a lot of advanced notice in order to guarantee arrival.


4. Café au Lait Dahlia

Probably the most desired dinner-plate dahlia of all time.  These huge blooms are a gorgeous mix of blushes, peaches, ivories and champagnes all within the same petals. Dahlias are a wild card when it comes to symbolism.  For the most part they are seen as indicating commitment, creativity and elegance, but there really isn't any one true meaning.  Café au Laits have a very short season compared to many flowers, and are really only available in August and September, barring an exceptional growing season.


5. Hydrangea

Literally translated, "water-barrel", hydrangea symbolize heartfelt emotion and gratitude, are ever popular and will never go out of style.  These lush huge blooms are available in a multitude of colours that are almost all available throughout the year (there are a few varieties that are more seasonal to spring or winter).  


6. Anemone

These unique, papery blossoms are most popular in white with a navy/black centre, but can be found with green centres and in a bunch of shades of pinks, reds and blues.  Anemone are representative of anticipation, waiting for the delicate petals to unfurl and reveal with unique centres.  They are available throughout the year, but are extremely difficult to get without tons of advanced notice and ordering minimum stem quantities.  


7. Phalaenopsis Orchids 

Also known as "Moth" Orchids because of their large flat bloom surface and natural shimmer, phalaenopsis symbolize love, beauty and refinement.  They are available year round in plant form or by the stem, but are the biggest and most beautiful from May-August.


8. Sweet Peas

These delicate flowers get their name from their enticing fragrance and beautiful flowers.  Sweet Peas represent bliss and delicate pleasure and are available from February-May.


9. Dahlia

Dahlia have a huge petal count and have a soft, yet structured look to the petals that makes them popular for both classic and modern brides.  Ranging from pastels to deep rich tones, dahlias most symbolize inner grace and creativity.  Available from August-October, these are a fantastic option for any autumn bride.


10. Succulents

Not only on trend, these hearty plants are fantastic for hot summer days and provide great texture and structure to any bouquet or arrangement. Available year long and in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, succulents provide a sense of growth and renewal.



Team FAB